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23 August 2019
16 Aug 2019

Flu Clinic

by Tom

A flu shot clinic will be held on Sep 16 in the Sewell Room between 5:00 and 8:30. Hannaford will supply two to three pharmacists and other supporting personnel. We will also be needing people to help. Plans were made to advertise the event in ours and other websites, in papers, and with flyers and road side signs. The event will also be mentioned in a packet handed out at the Chicken BBQ. We would love to get over 200 shots administered.  Bring your medical insurance card.  Most plans cover flu shots at no cost.

7 August 2019
19 Aug 2019

Announcement for Aug 5, 2019 Meeting

by Tom

Laura Lee passed posters to each table describing the inspiring Lake George swim by Louise Bekerle Rourke, a polio survivor, and the event being held in her honor where she will speak on Aug. 28 at 6pm at The Lake George History Association. (Contact Laura for reservation information.) Laura promised that Louise will speak to our club later in the year. 
Beth announced plans for the Apple Run, Sat. Oct 5.  Run set up will take place at 7am that day! Lots of hands on deck needed! Signup sheet coming.
Gregg talked about plans for the upcoming Rotary Scholarship Barbeque event. (Flyer is attached.)  We need set up help at 2pmand cleanup people at a time to be announced. A signup sheet is coming. Please help!We are grateful for the great support of Coach Joe and Niki, head of Spartan Catering.

26 June 2019
8 Jul 2019

Announcements for June 24, 2019 Meeting

by Tom

  • Thank you notes from CAPTAIN and the Regional Food Bank were read.
  • July1-December 31 dues are due. Dues increase of $5 to $80.
  • July 1-Changeover night- if guests, notify Suzette by 6/27. Address – 3569 Galway Rd Milton (just west of Middleline Rd). Map is on the website.Catered by Spartan Catering. Guests are invited. Cost is $16 per person.
  • The Apple Pie Festival binder covering the years 1977-1999 is being placed back in the club archives. It is a window into the club’s past and an example of the continuity of the club as members come and go.
  • Congratulations to Sue and Dan Stec on receiving recognition from the Clifton Park Historical Society for their 1791 house.
  • Action group neededJuly 2018 the club created a PayPal account, to enable credit card payments for our fundraisers, particularly the Chicken BBQ, since many people do not carry a lot of cash which decreases impulse buying. PayPal requires us to collect NYS sales tax, as we are a non-exempt organization. We have never paid sales tax on Apple Pie Festival or Community Breakfast income. In the fall work stopped on this credit card project and with the 2019 Chicken BBQ scheduled for August, it is time to solve the problem. A team leader and additional folks are needed to get this solved. Dan and Linda have agreed to work on it. Contact them if you would like to help.
  • Jon collected Happy Dollars with many acknowledgements of the end of the Rotary year and happiness with the recent weather.
17 June 2019
1 Jul 2019

Announcements for June 3, 2019 Meeting

by Tom

  • Nominations for Citizen of the Year & Rotarian of the Year are due to Paul Lewandowski.  Criteria are on the website – member side.
  • June 17th – Beth will give a year end overview of Club activities. Cheryl Bach and the student winner of the Interact Club “Student of the Year Award” will attend for a meet and greet.
  • District Changeover, Maybee Farm, June 22, 11:00 am – 2:00pm
  • Fred Baily was honored by the Adirondack Southern Library Association as the “Library Trustee of the Year”.
  • Mary Anderson announced that Walter Grattidge turned 95 on May 28th.
  • Change-over Night – July 1, is planned to be family friendly picnic. More to come.
  • Lisa Rice is at her parent’s home recovering. She will need a lot of rest at home and visitations should be minimal at this time
  • Tom Brownell announced that a District Grant application for signs at Anchor Diamond Park was submitted.  He also announced that our club exceeded our goal for contributions to the Rotary Foundation by 10%.
  • Dan Stec reported that our Club has collected over $650 in quarters for Polio.   Paul Harris points are award to the Club for this.
  • Dan Stec reported that he has received a $150 reimbursement from the district to pay our new Rotary “blade” banner which will grace all of our club functions. It will preview at the BH-BL Flag Day Parade on 6/13.
  • Dan announced that the new blue Rotary t-shirts are still available. See Dan.
  • President Beth announced that the Board has approved a $5.00 increase in Club dues for the period July thru December 2019.  The finance committee and the Board will continue to evaluate the dues situation and report back to the Club. Please refer back to the most recent Rotateller (5/20) in which Gregg Schorr gave a detailed Finance Committee overview. His comparison research revealed that our club dues are at the lowend of all Rotary clubs in the area. 
  • The Board approved donations of $100 for Seeds for Peace and $300 to Crossroads for Children.
    President Beth read a thank you note from the BH-BL Women’s Club for our assistance in setting up and taking down the chairs at their April 29thmeeting.
  • Gregg Schorr presented an overview of upcoming programs which include:
    • 7/15 High School scholarships winners and their families will visit our meeting
    • 7/29 Picnic at Charlton School.
    • On 8/28? Rotary Club Chicken Barbecue will be held in conjunction with Meet the Coaches Night at the Senior High School with Spartan Catering providing the food.
    • He is also looking into field trips to the new Fire House and to Straton Air Guard.
    • Gregg also stated that there flu shots will be given at the Town Hall on July 18th and September15th.
  • Mary Anderson announced that Darlene will give out the Rotary Scholarships at Honor’s Night at the High School
27 May 2019
10 Jun 2019

Announcements for May 20, 2019 Meeting

by Tom

  • The passing of long time BHBL Rotarian Fred Baum was noted.
  • Deadline for submission Citizen of the Year and Rotarian of the Year to Paul Lewandowski is June 10.
  • District changeover June 22. Everyone should have received an email from incoming District Governor Larry Jones. Link to register is in the email.
  • Lon Pena, when he attended our last meeting, provided information on a Global Grant spearheaded by Scotia Rotary. The Grant will provide funds for the Moon Catcher Project which makes and provides menstrual kits for girls in Uganda so they can attend school every day. Rotarians that contribute will get Foundation credit. See Beth for more information.
  • Burnt Hills Flag Day parade Thursday June 13. Details to follow.
  • Laura is accepting money for the 4H Walkathon.
  • Lisa is recuperating at her parent’s house.
  • Our Chicken BBQ will be held at the end of August at the High School along with Meet the Coaches Night, a mandatory event for athletes and their families. It will also provide publicity for the Skilled Workforce Scholarship and raise community visibility.
  • Plans are underway to have a booth at the Charlton Party in the Park June 1, where club information will be available and 50/50 tickets will be sold. Details to follow.
8 April 2019
22 Apr 2019

Announcements for April 8, 2019

by Tom

  • Board approved to donate $100 to the Pure Water for the World Global Grant sponsored by Guilderland-Colonie Rotary and presented by Kirk Poggee. Kirk reported they have reached their goal for the grant!
  • District Foundation Fundraiser – Rotary apparel orders are due, see Beth if you wish to place an order.
  • Rotary Capital Cabaret (talent show) to be held 4/18 at Lucky Strike Social Club. Order tickets via Club Runner.
  • BH-BL Women’s Club is running a program in the Meeting Room in the Town Hall on 4/29, the date and time when we usually meet.  (No meeting that night.) Our Club has been asked to help them set up and take down chairs/tables for their event. Sign-up sheet is circulating, Help is needed at 6:15pm and 8:30pm. Many hands make light work.
  • Apple Run work has begun! The 2019 Sponsor List is being circulated for members to add companies who may wish to support the Run.
  • Per Bob Youmans’ recommendation, the procedure for organizing the Tree Lighting is reverting to how it used to be, with a committee to meet in the spring which will include a Rotarian, a member of the Fire Department, a member from BPA and the librarian. We need a volunteer to be the Rotarian committee member.
  • Community Breakfast tickets are available.  See Gregg Schorr for tickets or posters to distribute. See Mary or Darlene for advertising.
  • Gregg Schorr reminds us that our Community Breakfast preparatons are getting under way. Save the morning on April 27thfrom 7:30am till 11am to be on deck to help cook, serve or cleanup. All hands on deck!
  • June 15this our Charlton Road Cleanup Day!  Watch this space for details!
2 April 2019
15 Apr 2019

Announcements for April 1, 2019

by Tom

  • District Conference – last day to register is April 10th.
  • District Foundation fundraiser – Rotary apparel orders are due, see Beth if you wish to place an order.
  • April 6thDistrict Grant training to be attended by Darlene and Lisa.
  • Rotary Capital Cabaret (talent show) to be held 4/18 at Lucky Strike Social Club.  Order tickets via Club Runner
  • BH-BL Women’s Club is running a program in the meeting room in the Town Hall on 4/29.  Our Club has been asked to help them set up and take down chairs for their event. Sign-up sheet is circulating, Help is needed at 6:15pm and 8:30pm. Many hands will make light work.
  • Apple Run work has begun! The 2019 Sponsor list is being circulated for members to add companies who may wish to support the Run.
  • Per Bob Youmans’ recommendation, the procedure for organizing the Tree Lighting is reverting to how it used to be, with a committee to meet in the spring, which will include a Rotarian, a member of the Fire Department, a member from BPA and the librarian. We need a volunteer to be the Rotarian committee member.
  • Interclub Dinner is April 10th at the Turf Tavern.  5PM cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, 7PM carving and pasta stations.  TheControlled Chaos Improv Group will perform.  Cost is $30.  See Peter Parker for tickets.
  • Community Breakfast tickets are available, see Gregg Schorr for tickets or a poster. See Mary or Darlene for advertising.
  • June 15this our Charlton Road Cleanup Day!
31 March 2019
8 Apr 2019

Meeting Announcements for March 25, 2019

by Tom

  • District Foundation Fundraiser: Sale of Rotary attire. See email 3/22. Place order with Beth Brownell or Steve Geene at or before 4/1 meeting.
  • Service for Linda LeTendre’s Father: Saturday 4/13 2:30 PM Presbyterian-New England Congregational Church Circular St. Saratoga Springs. Reception following next door in Nolan House.
  • BHBL Women’s Club requests assistance with info. mtg. re: Reconciliation of Traumatic Memories Protocol, a noninvasive treatment of PTSD in veterans on Mon. 4/29 at Ballston Town Hall (no Rotary mtg. that night,) Help needed with setup/take down. For more info see: http://www.randrproject.org.
  • Service/work days are coming up in May.
  • Minutes of the June 2018 District Conference have been received by Beth Brownell and may be borrowed for further information.
  • Note received from Steve Williams of Granville Club regarding medical mission to Bangladesh we helped sponsor.  See Beth Brownell for more information.
  • Interclub Dinner 4/10 at Turf Tavern; cocktails 5 PM, dinner 7 PM. Entertainment by Controlled Chaos; price $30
  • SCCC Dinner 4/15 at 6 PM; $25 pp. See Peter Parker by 4/4. Presentation by Schenectady Historical Society “Stockade Secrets and Scandals”
  • District Training Assembly; 7:30-3:00 Saturday 4/6 First Reformed Church, 10 North Church Street Schenectady.  Light breakfast and lunch will be served.  See District 7090 flyer for program overview.
  • District Grants Management Seminar; 1:30-3:00 PM Saturday 4/6 at First Reformed Church.  A minimum of two members must attend this program for club to qualify for District Grants during 2019-2020 year.  See Beth Brownell or Silas Schrader for more information.
8 February 2019
5 Mar 2019

Meeting Announcements Feb 4, 2019

by Tom

President Beth Brownell reminded us about the Conference of Clubs 5/3 – 5/4.  DG Tammy outlined registration details and included a brochure in her email of 1/28.

Beth announced the Glenville Rotary is looking for help volunteering at the City Mission on Wednesday 2/20.  Please contact Beth Gregory at Glenville Rotary to be added to the list.

President-Elect Silas Shrader mentioned we are partnering with BHBL High School and Spartan Catering to coordinate a unique BHBL Rotary meeting at their location on Mon, Feb 25, 2019. Starting at 6PM, we will be served a chicken marsala dinner at the high school.  Following dinner, we will tour the STEAM addition, library, black box theater and Spartan large group instruction room.  Please RSVP to Silas by 2/14.  The cost is $16 per person.  Guests are welcome!

The Kiwanis Club of Scotia Glenville is running the Interclub Fellowship dinner at the Turf Tavern on Wednesday 4/10.

Dan Stec announced that we have our new Rotary Blade Sign!  This eye-catching sign will help show our presence at events like the Apple Run, Chicken BBQ, Apple Pie Festival, Community Breakfast and everywhere we go! A grant covered a portion of this sign purchase.  Good work!

Beth advised the club is sponsoring a hole in the mini golf event at the Ballston Community Library. Beth and Darlene will decorate on 2/21 but the club doesn’t have a foursome playing in the event.

Darlene Bower reminded us that next week’s meeting is on Tuesday, February 12that 6:00pm at Stella’s Pasta Bar and Bakery located in Fo’Castle Farms.  Entrée choice: chicken parmesan with linguini; sausage & peppers with cavatelli; traditional cheese ravioli.  $20 per person, guests are encouraged.  Please RSVP to Darlene dbower@bhhsblake.comby 2/10 with number attending and entrée choice.

Beth noted the Interact Club is sending school supplies and clothing to orphaned students in Uzhhorod, Ukraine.  Interact will be collecting items through 3/1 and hosting a fundraiser at Pizza Works 2/13 from 2:30 – 9:00.  Pizza works will donate 20% of pizza sales!  Additionally, our club is giving Interact $375 to help with shipping costs. Contact Interact Adviser Cheryl Bach cbach@bhbl.orgto help.

Mary Anderson and Gregg Schorr, on behalf of the Scholarship committee, announced the club’s newest scholarship – the BH-BL Rotary Skilled Workforce Scholar Award.  This $1000 award will help a BH-BL graduating senior pursue a career in a skilled trade such as construction, manufacturing or automotive trades, etc.  The scholarship will be funded annually by a Rotary annuity, as well as fundraising efforts such as the Chicken BBQ.  Created in response to the talent shortage of a skilled workforce, we hope this scholarship fills a need within our community.

Beth announced that the club received a request from the BH-BL Women’s Club for our assistance in staging a program of the Research and Recognition Project in Corning.  It was decided that we will assist the Women’s Club with setting up for the event but will not co-sponsor.

Beth reported she and Tom met with staff at CAPTAIN/CHS and explored issues they are seeing in our community.  Food insecurity, keeping seniors in their homes, and ALICE families – asset limited, income constrained, employed – were areas of concern.  Surprisingly, 30% of Saratoga County families fall into the ALICE category.  CAPTAIN/CHS is also helping young women who are victims of human trafficking with programs in Saratoga, Fulton and Montgomery counties.

Silas reported the Investment Committee will be making its recommendations shortly.

Silas also reported a 3/11 outing to Riverside Maple Farms on Route 5 in Amsterdam.  There will be a tour of their facility with a sampling and dinner.  More info to follow – save the date!

Beth touched on some of the logistical details of the Apple Run, noting more help is needed to make this important community event a continued success!  So many club members and friends already volunteer for this great run, but we need even more.  Sign up sheet and details to follow.  See photos from meeting for Beth’s preliminary notes.

Silas reviewed the survey results, which reflected just what a SUPER club we are!!  As a club, we felt we were doing great with service projects in the community and the world.  Members report seeing value in their club membership, we have high participation rates and pride in our club!  We can work on involving new members; inviting friends to Rotary events and meetings; and consider meeting location change.

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