Rotateller Sept. 17, 2018

Beth and Gregg led an update and discussion about how the new Chicken BBQ fundraiser might run. Darlene displayed beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces samples created by ARC for another new fundraiser.

Rotateller September 10, 2...

  Club assembly where we discussed the full schedule of events this Fall. We discussed the regular fund raisers, the Apple Run and Apple Pie Festival and the new fund raisers the Chicken BBQ and the Thanksgiving Center Piece Sale. […]

Rotateller August 27, 2018

Vicki Ramotar gave informative presentation on the mission, vision, philosophy and history of Cross Roads including extensive descriptions of Autism, “Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)” and positive behavior supports.

Rotateller August 13, 2018

  This week’s work party at the Pine Grove Cemetery was only a partial success due to rain events in the afternoon.  Some work was completed but we will probably schedule another time to complete our efforts.

Rotateller July 23, 2018

Discussions on various topics including Corporate Membership, Reboot of Apple Pie Festival, Community Assessment, Bylaws and Constitution and new Thanksgiving table arrangement fund raiser.