Rotateller May 7, 2018

We had a great group of Rotarians at Harmony Hall to prime and paint. Then we reconvened at the Town Hall for dinner and had the distinct pleasure of hearing Suzette Stewart, a new member, tell her “Rotary story” of how she […]

Rotateller April 30, 2018

Patrick McGrath, Superintendent of the BH-BL School District, and Chris Abdoo, Assistant Superintendent of Support Services, spoke to us about the proposed school budget for 2018-2019.

Rotateller April 9, 2018

Jeff Reynolds is a Social Studies teacher at BH-BL High School. He brought students, Sophie and Sadie, with him to speak with us on their program with the National Collation Building Institute.

Rotateller April 2, 2018

Beth continued the series of meetings concerned with club organizational structure, programs and public service as mandated by RI. Her goal was to remind everyone of what the committees are and what they do.

Rotateller March 26, 2018

Silas reviewed plans for the upcoming kiosk construction at Anchor Diamond Park. Mary gave an update on TIB. The committee will expand to include those who have been responsible for the various planting sites.